A Dog Party

Patricia sent some wonderful images from her "party" file as inspiration for the patio.  This is helping as thinking of it as a place to have a party certainly piques my interest.

Yes, black and white stripes do seem chic.

You have all been so generous with your advice.  We are just getting started, and you're right, it looks a little bare.

In an effort to avoid more custom expenses, these striped pillows from Pottery Barn might provide a bit of pop.  The umbrella, too, adds to the Draper-esque feel, though the one from Z Gallerie, top, is irresitable with it's jaunty tassels.

But my biggest concern, the one that has me scouring the net, is darling Rosie.  She was welcome to sleep in the sun on the old cushions, but seems to know that that is a "no, no" now.  But, adorable pup, she certainly cannot be expected to lounge on the ground.  Heavens.

This charmer (the bed, not the Boxer) might be just for you if you admire the style of Mies van der Rohe or Marcel Breuer.

Butterfly chair in the family room?  Rover might enjoy one as well.

Blandings tend to be more traditional when it comes to canine accoutrements.  This will likely do the trick for the lollipup.

So I need to order Rosie's cushion first.  In black and white, of course.  Sometimes it's hard for me to think outside the Boxer.