Meet Me at the Gallery

Cottage Living has a jazzy little feature this month on updating a living room.

What really caught my eye was the photo grid system that the magazine's assistant design editor Anne Turner Carroll used to display family photos.  Courtney is contemplating a gallery wall in her home, and we have often wondered where the hardware for such a system could be procured.  Carroll used a system from Walker Display.

When I went through this mental exercise before, I wondered if it would be possible to use Antique Drapery Rod Company's pieces to pull it together.  Their Bauhaus line would make a striking backdrop for any display.

The one inch rods would be the place to start, with these brackets to support the endeavor.

You might need a few depending on the number of pieces and the weight of the frames.
Regular drapery rings could hold the chains; hardware stores usually have a pretty broad selection of styles and sizes.  Don't forget to grab a couple of handfuls of S-hooks that will fit the chain links.

I'd stick with simple finials and voila!  Antique Drapery Rod has a variety of styles and finishes to accommodate nearly any project.  I've used them in the past (for curtains) and their customer service has been just dandy as well.   Overnight delivery and you could DIY over the holiday weekend!

Katherine Hobbs home photographed for the July/August '08 issue of  Cottage Living by Justin Bernhaut.