Mirror, Mirror

These are too wonderful to pass up. I showed them to Mr. Blandings when I got them home and his initial reaction was, "What's Chinoiserie?" It's ok, he's told me the square footage of our house and what a birdie is 150 times minimum. But he thinks they are really "cool" and that is really all that matters.

The original plan for the walls flanking the door to the kitchen was a matching mirror to the one below, then the paintings then the Italian mirrors from Christopher Filley. I bought the Regency mirror from Suzanne as well, but I wasn't supposed to and it has been a sticking point ever since. But she did understand that it wouldn't be a focal point and she was trying to help me find a near mate.

Which is what I was going to look at when I fell for these. So now the original will continue his lonely post, slightly out of place in the office. The new, beloved, mirrors are "on approval" in the dining room.

They need to be a little higher, I know, but I am sticking with original nails until the approval process is complete. The question is, still with Italian mirrors below? I like the gold repeating and the fact that the Chinoiserie are a bit staid in shape and the Italian ones are wacky.

I don't think all three pieces will fit and I'm not off the paintings underneath, but Mr. Blandings thinks they should go on this, blank, wall and then the room will be "finished."

Hmmm....except for the curtains (which have been measured and are very close to being ordered if only I would type up the p.o.'s.)

And the rug to replace the 15 year old PB sisal. Which is still available, so maybe it's a classic now.

And the pair of demi-lunes that need to go here. Yep. Almost finished.