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Both Style Court and Katiedid posted on Alan Campbell and his amazing fabrics and the wonderful homes in which they have been used.

David Netto wrote an engaging article for domino this month detailing his relationship with Campbell who served as a sort of ad hoc godfather.

Not all of Campbell's fabrics were batiks, but some of the most graphic and compelling certainly were.

The grade school I attended in Tulsa was progressive for its day; there was one year when we were all lumped together, a jumble of grades, working at our own pace. I know I read a lot, but likely did very little math.  I did make designs with the metric blocks; those were cool.

Lucky for me our art teacher was amazing. One of the best projects was batiking. Making batik. Mr. Blandings does not like it when people make nouns verbs, especially if the noun is golf, which a game. If you say "golfing" you get a very slow blink. And a sigh.

Anyway, while I was in sixth grade, a mere thirty-one years ago, I remember it being a piece of cake. We did do more of a design than an abstract pattern. I think mine was an elephant. Regardless, it seems like it was some fabric, a little wax, some dye and off you go.

Could be a great summer project. The wax is hot. I know, you got that, but I thought it needed to be said. So, be careful if kids are involved. Which you also got, but just in case. I doubt you could do enough for a sofa before school starts. But maybe a pillow. Or a foot stool.

Well, you could.  And I might.  If I do, I'll show you, but if I don't show you please don't bring it up as it will be one of the dozens of things I have said would be fun to do this summer but didn't.

All images borrowed without permission from Quadrille.  Fabrics, Alan Campbell, bottom image, The Devil Wears Prada.  If you are interested, google "how to batik."  Dozens of sites are available to show you how.

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