Vicente Wolf

Ah, Vicente. Your clean, crisp interiors. Architectural elements. Over-sized mirrors.

I adore them all. I wondered if I'd thrown you a curve ball by including the last image with the print in the bedroom. Vicente, darling, that must have been hard. Did the client demand?

Never mind, it's still fresh and chic. I adore a big floral print, though you say you have not lived with one since you were a child. This is the first Pop Quiz with no winner; I hope it's not because this is the first one I've posted without the identifying image names to clue in the right-clickers. Hmmm...

Class dismissed.

All images previous post, House Beautiful, July 1996. Photography by Jeff McNamara. As an aside, this was the last issue to include the column "From Thornhill Farm" by Dee Hardie. I adored these thoughts on home and miss this style of column dreadfully.

All images this post from Learning to See; Bringing the World Around You Into Your Home by Vicente Wolf. If you own the book, do take a moment to remove the jacket; the cover is the most miraculous shade of marigold. Photographs top and center, this post, Pieter Estersohn, and bottom, Vicente Wolf. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Louis Oliver Gopp was editor of HB when the vintage photos appeared in HB and he wrote the forward to Learning to See.