World of Interiors

Speaking of World of Interiors (I was, yesterday) someone recently mentioned a particular layout, which I'd seen, and she said, "I mean, probably 10 people in Kansas City read it." Probably, which is a shame. I will say, it's tricky to come by here. Even the big box retailers will tell you they carry it, and where it should be on the shelf, but there never seem to be any copies on the news stand.

I resorted to subscribing, the subscription to this alone doubling my subscription budget, which was not modest to begin with. (Remember, though, I got to "tick" the box which was a reward in its own right.)
The upside being layouts like this one.

This murky red is particularly appealing, especially as the owners have set it off with these inexpensive plaques in a variety of finishes. I used to have a hang up about mixing metals. Like, last month. But all of a sudden I'm liking white and yellow metals jumbled together.

A little quirkiness never hurts, especially with lighting.
And, heavens, speaking of libraries to pour over, this would surely hold treasures untold.

If you "tick" the picture, you will see these hangings have been tacked to the walls.

I will never, in all my days, be able to create such effortlessly beautiful rooms.
But now I will gladly hand over my poor-performing dollar to enjoy those who can.
All images the home of Laure Welfling and her husband Gee Pee.  Photographed by Roland Beaufre. World of Interiors, August 2008.