Bright and Shiny

I truly enjoyed the feature in September's Architectural Digest about Hope garden.  The garden, in Brooklyn, New York, was rejuvenated by Bette Midler and designer Elissa Cullman as a memorial to Cullman's late friend and business partner Hedi Kravis.   Naturally drawn to the symmetry and order, I also admired the pops of color from the iron pieces.

Other publications this month also offered colorful accents that could add a little jump to your outdoor space.  The Bamboo Tower Chandelier featured in Coastal Living would be a particularly chic porch light.  (Don't look to me for specifics of outdoor wiring and the such; I'm just the idea guy.)

Also in Coastal Living, the Almidi end table would be the perfect spot on which to place your cocktail.

A jumble of these containers by Vellum would be stunning holding autumnal blooms.

Ah, and these.  Birdcage votive holders.  Enchanting, indeed, scattered amongst the branches of our ancient lilac.  In fact, I took a moment to hunt them down at The Conran Shop.

Disappointing, perhaps, but I always seem to see things in black and white.

Image, top, AD, September '08.  Photography by Billy Cunningham.