Darling, Margaret

M. Russell
Elle Decor
NY, NY  10019

Darling Margaret,

You're such a doll!  Imagine the thrill of returning home from our family vacation to find your treat waiting for me on the kitchen counter.  You shouldn't have!

To start, adorable Nate.  I wish I'd run into him while we were in Chicago, but it was so fun to see that his place is so, well, done and un-done.  A special treat.

And while we were gone I had just been thinking about Mayer Rus, wondering what he'd been up to. Wry and witty, you know he has always been a favorite; I do miss him.  Terrific to catch up over Andrew Fisher and Jeffry Weisman's home in Healdsburg.  

Forever grateful - you know just what a girl needs.  Hope all is well - you look GREAT, by the way.  Do keep in touch; I can't believe it's been a month already.


Mrs. Blandings

p.s.  Have the tivo set - can't wait for the new season of Top Design.  Do dish about India - she seems fab!