Finish Your Homework

I had a "work thing" last night.  You have no idea the giddy thrill it gives me to say this to Mr. Blandings.  "I'll be out Wednesday.  I have a thing for work."  In this particular setting people introduce me by saying, "She writes a column for Spaces." or "She has a blog."  rather than, "She has three boys, Kindergarten, 3rd and 6th."  While the later is exponentially more significant, the former leads to better cocktail party talk.

Anyway.  I'd managed homework and sports before I left and some recapping after I returned.  I had not posted yesterday as I had had a deadline.  Actually, I'd missed my deadline so it was really nose to the grindstone.  But, like exercise, it might be better not to miss two days as then I might be on a downward slide of sloth from which I might not recover.  Tuesday, when I was out hunting and gathering, I stopped in at Spivey's Books.  I'm contrasting this to Meg of Pigtown Design's "book thing."  This is the design department of Spiveys.  I know, a closet, but like Lewis's classic, this particular portal leads to wonders untold.  On this visit I walked away with Billy Baldwin Decorates.  Baldwin and the elusive and mythical Vogue book were the top two on my list and now Baldwin joins the fold.

So I sat, feet up, bracelets off (avoiding my re-write) to see if Baldwin offered any reference to Tuesday's post.  Oh, yes.  In Spades.  (Couldn't resist.)

Like linking the spelling words to their meanings in the grade school worksheet, one can draw the criss-crossed lines from '72 to '08.  Chairs, chairs, chairs, mostly French and many painted.  Chinoiserie table.  Chic and modern art.  Stunning wood floors with patterned rugs.  A mix of metal finishes both white and yellow.  Ceramic lamps.  Even pillows on the sofa, two matching, others different, carries through.

So with the boys in bed, notes for the article scattered everywhere and design magazines and books piled higgledy piggeldy I had that moment of calm.  All the answers to the universe are there for the taking.  The issues of space, balance and color remain the same.  All you have to do is finish your homework.

Images, other than my own, Mr. and Mrs. Placido Arango's Madrid apartment, Billy Baldwin Decorates, 1972.