You might think that only having about an hour to myself for nine days I'd use it seek out something new and different.  But I didn't.  My one excursion was the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  And once in the Mart I headed to my favorite spots.  Holly Hunt, Baker, Waterworks, Ann Sachs and, of course, Dessin Fournir.

Like any stalker, you could not have kept me away.  Seeing the pieces in person is always a treat.  Unlike many of the other showrooms, when asked if I could snap a few shots the answer was, "Sure, make yourself at home."  A slightly different response from another showroom that has printed signs placed in every vignette, "No photos, please."  Please.

A fun surprise was the installation of the Porter Teleo wallpaper.

Porter Teleo is a line of hand printed, hand painted wallpapers designed by Kelly Porter and Bridgett Cochran that has recently become represented by Dessin Fournir in Chicago.  

The talented duo is based, unsurprisingly, here in Kansas City.  Do check their site to see the amazing line of papers.