This & That

Out and about this weekend I spotted a few things of note.  These dining chairs, a set of 12 at Barbara Farmer's always charming shop, Parrin & Co.  They are not antiques, but a great look at a great price - $135 each.  And twelve.  Not always easy to come by.

A collection of silver birds would jazz up any tablescape for fall.

And, the swoon-worthy.  A green, chinoiserie confection that I would have snapped right up for myself except green is not so much my thing - I take my chinoiserie black -  and I did not have $1400 rattling around in the bottom of my bag.  It's worth every penny.  If this were on your dressing table, you'd start every day feeling like a swan.

Also, driving by to stalk my favorite gate (I'm starting to have visions of the front yard thanks to Cindy Sutherland's inspiration) I stumbled across this gem.

I've often wanted to post pictures to bemoan the monsterous McMansions, but have not as they are, in fact, someone's house and that would be unkind.  But to my great delight, this new construction is going up in one of the most lovely neighborhoods in Kansas City.  I have kept the image tight, as I don't know the owner and they might not want their home on the internet.  (I will know by noon as one of my friends will email or call to say, "Don't you know the so and so's?)  Anyway, they tore down a very bland and ignoble split level that will not be missed and are replacing it with this gracious home.  The significance of this not just the style, which will nestle right in, unnoticed as a newcomer in this gracious burg, but its proportion on the lot, which is... appropriate.  Bravo.

Then, on a trip to the grocery, I spied this across the street.  Harry.  Well, not Harry, but a look alike of the car my father purchased circa 1970 and allowed me to name.

Nearly all the joy of my early childhood can be summed up by this car and it was such a surprise to see one exactly the same in my own neighborhood.  Amazing.

And, a trip to the Antique Mall resulted in the very conservative purchase of one book, "Heart of Darkness."

 It was the first book I bought on the attraction to the cover alone, then, upon googling it, find I can't wait to start it.  Some things work out.