Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Best of the Best

There are a few things I feel pretty strongly about.  One is helping out when you can and another is supporting local business.  It makes things oh-so-easy when you can do both at the same time.  Wednesday, September 24th from 6 - 9 p.m., Hall's on the Plaza is hosting an evening of The Best of the Best to benefit Hope House, Missouri's largest shelter for women and children who are the victims of family violence.  The event is free (!) and 10% of the sales from the evening will go to this amazing organization.

Easy, right?  A glass of wine, a little chatting and a purchase or two to do your part.  The way I see it, you could go big, make a statement, or you could make a purchase that you would make any old time, just make it on the 24th.  

Let's start in fine jewelry.  I mean, why not?  The pieces above are by McTeigue & McClelland.  No surprise these would top my list of go big.  The earrings, turquoise and gold, have that perfect vintage feel.  Continuing our theme of hi/low, I adore that the dandelion has a diamond in the middle.  

Hmmm?  The cuff?  Oh, yes, the cuff.  A masterpiece.  It is, literally, caned.  The artisans studied the caning process and have taken strips of gold and woven them to replicate the effect.  I have this theory about cost-per-wear.  Even a big splurge can be rationalized easily if you calculate the potential cost-per-wear.  This beauty could go from the carpool line to the receiving line at the boys' weddings.  (Where I will be silent and wearing beige, right?)

Still, if you're trying to give yourself just a little treat, you'll be thrilled to see Hall's has recently begun carrying the Ippolita line.  Chic and classic, these would jazz up your everyday jewelry wardrobe.

Oh, and look, this clever designer is appealing to the collector in all of us.  Fabulous.

Moving over to tabletop, it is hard to resist the Buccellati flowers and leaves.  What better way to go big than to treat yourself to an instant collection?  You wouldn't have to buy them all that night.  But you could.

Speaking of having them all, this would be an easier bill to fill.  There's been a fair amount of blog buzz about the New York Botanical Garden collection by Lunt.  Well, darling, you can pick up a piece right here without having to pay shipping.

These hurricanes are fantastic.  I like the varying sizes, but would also adore seeing three of the middle size marching down a dining table.  My dining table, in fact.

Made for candles, they would be easily as stunning as vases.  Just the spot for fall's Chinese Lanterns.

Goldenbleu Cassandra Patent handbag and the Cora Ruffle Patent clutch.

I did go up to bags just for you.  Even I could see the appeal of these....

Furla Tracolla medium shoulder bag.

while this every day bag would be much more likely to get my vote.  Fingers crossed it's still there on the 24th as I plan to be there with bells on.  

Here's the skinny one more time.  Hall's for Hope House, September 24th, 6 - 9 p.m., admission is free, but you must make a reservation by calling 816/274-5755 as space is limited.  Can't make it that night?  Stop by customer service any time that week and tell them you want your purchases to be applied to the event and they will set you right up.

My flippant tone is in no way a reflection of my impression of Hope House and their daunting work.  As their website reminds us, "Every nine seconds a woman is beaten by someone who says he loves her."  This is a great way to do your part to help some of these women and their families make a new start.  

Special thanks to all the associates of Hall's who helped me gather objects to promote the event.  Gracious and helpful, though they had no idea what I was doing, they confirmed a reputation for wonderful customer service.  I hope they will forgive my photography.  


The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...

That cuff bracelet is a show stopper! Isn't it amazing what intricate work can be wrought in gold? My favorite bracelet I've ever owned is a cuff, but this one... this one may well be my all time favorite. Anyone who loves furniture design is bound to love that piece. The others are wonderful, too. I could be happy with anything you showed us.

I hope this charity event raises tons of money. It's a great cause. If I were closer, I'd love to attend.


pve design said...

And you my dear are a brilliant representative for many a good cause, giving us all hope for a better, chicer, nicer world. Thank you for shedding light
on the cost-per-wear while doing a good deed to give someone Hope.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- what a great cause and wow you were right, that cuff is amazing! Just amazing. Lovely post.

MIMILEE said...

Beautiful presentation for a beautiful cause. I would like to have the black skin handbag and the cuff bracelet please.:>)

How special you are to GIVE back, Mrs. Blandings!

The Peak of Chic said...

I love the cuff and earrings, the hurricanes, the handbags.....

Brilliant Asylum said...

The hurricanes, the caned bracelet--how cool that these traditionally woven techniques have been translated to metal. Great selection!

Kwana said...

So many beautiful things for a great cause. You can't go wrong. I love the cuff and the bags.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Never been to Hall's before. My mother says it's wonderful.

Notice the purple handbags? I feel like I'm back in the 80's!

Pigtown-Design said...

So much goodness here, you included!

CSS said...

Great post, and for a good cause to boot! Anyway, I am loving the Lunt line which is sold in the soon to close Charlotte Moss Townhouse. I was there yesterday and picked up the toast stand (last one - BTW she had linen napkins in them and it looked super).....I have been loving your blog for quite sometime and so enjoy reading about you, the boys, and what seems like a storybook marriage....Thanks!

Liz said...

Your community involvment is so inspiring! Reading about what you are up to is giving me a kick in the pants to start volunteering again.

Those turquoise and gold earrings are seriously divine!