Change Your Life!

The cover of House Beautiful this month shouts, "Change your look, change your life!" and then offers up the charming design of this Southampton home by Markham Roberts.  Yes.  Indeed.  No need to sit here, staring into the mirror watching my face slide off my cheekbones.  Change my look!  I could use a little lift.

The classic and cheerful chintz in Markham's design is Dahlia by Clarence House, but I've been kicking around Cowtan and Tout's Moss Rose for the kitchen.  (What, you were thinking Botox?  Heavens.)  

Not instead of the windowpane check, in addition to.  Maybe just one.

In the mood of the day, I polled my constituents.  The eldest, nearly twelve, glanced up and raised an eyebrow, "Um, no."  The middle walked right by it on the way to the pantry and mumbled, "Whatever."  The sunshiny youngest said, "Sure, Mom, I like it." until his brothers pummeled him with groans then he quickly switched sides.  Traitor.  Mr. Blandings's take?  "Too girly."

Just for the record.  I am a girl.

Image, top, House Beautiful, October 2008.  Photography by Francesco Lagnese.