Hip To Be Square

Western Interiors noted this month that Hermes is releasing a limited edition scarf collection based on the work of Bauhaus artist Josef Albers.

I could not find them on line, but am wondering which of the hundreds of pieces in the Homage to a Square series the French design house selected.

Albers was born in Germany in 1888.  A teacher, writer and painter, he began the Squares in 1950 and continued working on the series until his death in 1975.

He was interested in investigating the effects of color and space on visual perception.

He and his wife, Annie, moved to the States in 1933. 

Easy - to know
that diamonds - are precious

good - to learn
that rubies - have depth

but more - to see
that pebbles - are miracles.

Josef Albers

Knowing this would certainly add depth to that chic little number wrapped around the handle of your bag.

The scarves are available through Hermes shops in Beverly Hills and Manhattan.

Images courtesy of josefalbersgallery.blogspot.com.

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