Out and About - Asiatica

As you know, I get around.  So much of Kansas City is changing; what's old is new again and there are great spots popping up in old neighborhoods all over the place.  In the last two weeks I've been to a new gathering spot in the Power & Light district, Blanc, the absolutely unbelievable hamburger spot, Happy Gillis (run by Todd, the Soup Maker) and the Filling Station which offered a terrific cup of coffee and completely engaging company.

In addition, I'd seen an ad for Asiatica, a local shop owned by Elizabeth Wilson.  Asiatica is not new, nor in a new spot, but when I saw the ad it offered a different perspective on their wares.

Asiatica is known for their unbelievable inventory of textiles. 

They have an extensive collection of vintage Japanese pieces, some originating from kimonos as well as textured fabrics, which are new, and slew of monochromatic samples that are largely Italian.  An amazing resource, they offer custom clothing made from their inventory.  

Their clothes are beautiful and exquisitely made.  

I had thought that was the bulk of their business until I ran across the ad featuring these delightful pups. 

And, guess what, Ted Muehling jewelry.  Right here.  In my home town.  Camera charged, umbrella in the crook of my arm, out I went to see.  

I know not everyone shops this way.  I know most folks don't care how a store, or restaurant, or coffee shop feels, but I do.  I need to like it there.  I need to not feel the hair on the back of my psyche stand up when I walk in.  I need to know that the people responsible feel strongly about what they are doing.  It needs to show.

Oh.  What was I thinking?  How can I have been missing this?  A gaff on my part.  Asiatica holds treasures so captivating and so attainable.

In addition to the clothing, there is a large selection of charming ceramics.

I'm beginning to have a hankering for some blue and white among the yellow.  

Last Saturday, Elizabeth had a long table artfully arranged with these charming blue and white pieces.  Some are available in different colors, but she felt the appeal of that classic combo would have a lot of impact here.  Agreed.  Equally at home on vanity, dresser or dining table you could easily make up a collection in a single stop.

And scarves.
See, this makes it easier for me.  A dash of something special turns my every day denim into something chic and interesting.  And black and white ticking for a scarf?  I couldn't have said it better myself.

Even in winter; especially in winter.

They don't just look fabulous, but feel fabulous, too.  For me, a gal who shuns day spas and salons -oh, how I hate the time spent - this is the kind of pampering that makes sense.  The feel of the cashmere against your skin can make any errand feel like a luxury.

Functional accessories as well, including this jazzy bag made of incredibly heavy felt in vibrant hues.  Big enough for your lap top, the finally-complete presentation or your workout clothes, it is a joy of form and function.

I did mention the jewelry, right?  Beads galore, so of course I was in heaven.

But more sophisticated and modern pieces too.  Special, but still capable of every day.

The bonus for me was getting to meet Elizabeth and hearing her talk about her work and the shop.  Crackling with energy even though she was packing for a three week trunk show in New York, you could see where the shop gets its vibe.

She loves this stuff.  She's buying what she likes and hoping the right people find her spot.  This is a very different philosophy than trying to figure out what sells.  

If you are here in town, go.  If you are not, go here.

But if you are in New York, meet Elizabeth at her trunk show.  She will be at the AKA Hotel at 42 W. 58th Street just behind Bergdorf's.  You can make an appointment by calling 913/269-3269.  The show runs September 10th - 26th.  

Go.  (And to Blanc, Happy Gillis and the Filling Station, too.)  It's all good.