Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pop Quiz - Thomas O'Brien

Nell E and other readers of February 1994's House Beautiful found (adorable) Thomas O'Brien and his sunny Brookhaven, New York home smiling back at them from the pages.

At the time, O'Brien was in business with Bill Sofield.  Now, Aero Studios, pictured above, is all his own.

Extraordinarily talented, you can see he's aged...well.  He's aged darn well, in fact.

No need to worry.  Mr. Blandings knows I only have eyes for him and fine design.  Kudos to NellE who was up with the chickens at 5:02 AM with her thinking cap on.

Image top and previous post, House Beautiful, February 1994.  Photography by Laura Resen.
Other images this post used without permission from O'Brien's website, but I said such nice things, maybe they won't mind.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I could get used to that smile. I could also get used to the rooms he designs. Wow!

Nell E said...

I'm sure this is the ONLY Mrs. Blandings Pop Quiz I will ever ace!
I fell in love with these rooms in '94 and have returned to these tearsheets (which have made it into a binder---highest honor in my little museum of one!)many times for a virtual visit to Brookhaven (and TO'B). Remember noting his copy of English Country (yes, I too shamelessly grab the magnifying glass for book-snooping!)and was happy we (TO'B and I)shared a book in common, also bought his trumpet shaped glassware. Does he still do the glassware and china lines---they used to be carried at Marshall Field's before it disappeared. Need replacements. Thanks for another terrific post.

Cote de Texas said...

SHOOT - I missed this one!!!!

I don't think I would have gotten either especially now that you have figured out the right click!


porter hovey said...

Ohhhh! He's sooo cute!

linda said...

Never would have guessed it- his style is so different now.

katiedid said...

He HAS aged well hasn't he? Love his style.

Alex said...

He does great work...I love the furniture he designs for Hickory Chair. Such talent.