Science and Nature

Like the idea of a black and white botanical, but thinking you might need a little something fresher?  Edgier?

A quick blip in the Kansas City Star on Sunday caught my eye.  We are getting ready for the Plaza Art Fair, a Kansas City tradition, and the listing of artists was in this week's paper.  A tiny image of Albert Koetsier's work appeared in a side bar.

Koetsier is fascinated with the interplay between science and nature.  To explore this relationship, he uses x-ray to examine nature.  Once he has developed the negatives, he chooses the most pristine then produces prints.  Koetsier then paints the images with translucent paints used on antique daguerreotypes and post-cards.  The negative is retired once fifty prints have been produced.

A grouping of any of his botanicals would be classic and stunning.

I have had the beach on my mind, well, I nearly always do, and these shells would give a modern edge to your nautical decor.

Not satisfied with the cow-jumped-over-the-moon?  How about a snail shell and a lizard skeleton for Jr.'s room?

And these, of course, held a personal appeal for me.  Pods.  

I asked about peonies and Albert told me they haven't x-rayed well in the past.  (You think I'd be happy with over 2000 x-ray prints, but no, had to throw in the "How about peonies?")  Albert tells me he may try again.

If you are in town look for Albert at the Plaza Art Fair this weekend on Nichols Road between Pennsylvania and Wornall or on-line here.