Stepping Out

We are all still adjusting to my new found freedom.  It's a bit of a good natured joke of Mr. Blandings's to inquire, "What did you do today?"  Not because he cares, but because he knows it's bothering me that I can't come up with much.

A couple of weeks ago I had coffee right before carpool with a guy who does some work for Spaces.  So happy to have something of interest on my list, I was surprised at Mr. Blandings's reaction.  "Who is he?"  "He works for Spaces."  "Is he gay?"  "It didn't come up.  Are you kidding me?  You have meetings with women I don't know all the time."  "That's different."  "In what way, exactly?"  "Boys, time for dinner!"

If he only knew that I am stepping out with handsome men every day.

Just yesterday I popped on over to 1st dibs for a rendezvous with Joe Nye.  Do make a visit yourself as his eye and advice are spot on.

And I am besotted, as is all of blogland, with Eddie Ross.  Thank heavens I don't have to wait for a new episode of Top Design as he is posting nearly every day.  If you haven't already, go see what the fuss is all about.  Oh, and he's nice, too.

Still, I am making some time for my girlfriends.   The Tablescapes luncheon last week for the American Royal was such a treat.  (That is where I originally spied the cloches for our dinner party.)  One of my favorite vendors, La Plates hosted a spirited holiday table but I thought these new designs very clever.  You can choose your candidate, or get one for your bothersome friend so you can serve her a big helping of crow in November.

And just so you know, I'm not a bit annoyed with Mr. Blandings.  It's hard to get your ire up when your husband still sees the girl he married seventeen years ago and not the middle-aged mother of three who looks every bit her age in a well-lit coffee shop on an autumn afternoon.

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