That Touch of Pink

Last October 1st I posted pink on behalf of breast cancer awareness.

And this year, I'm doing it again. As I've mentioned before, pink is not really my gig, but I do like a little bit here and there.

I chose these images this year because they all have a little pink. A touch. You might miss it.

Like breast cancer.

I had a bit of a scare myself almost two years ago. It turned out to be nothing, other than four weeks of incredible stress and tension, but the technician told me that the spot we were seeing on the screen, that looked huge and awful and ominous, would likely not be able to be felt for another year. Maybe longer.

Early detection is critical. Talk with your doctor to determine the appropriate screening for you.

Check the National Cancer Institute or the Susan G. Komen Foundation for more information.

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Images, from top:
Sheila Bridges So Chic
Bunny Williams' Point of View
Michael Smith Elements of Style (tablescape and bedroom)
Mariette Himes Gomez Houses
Albert Hadley American Designers' Houses
Stephanie Hoppen Perfect Neutrals