Equal Rights

Some folks thought my post yesterday was a bit of a boys' club.  Rightly so, and I must say, oddly, I seem to gravitate to male designers.  That said, there are certainly some amazingly talented women that should be on the ballot.

Rose Tarlow, who does an incredible job of seeing the big picture and focusing on the details.

She could calm any storm.

Not a new-comer to the Blandings's scene, Mariette Himes Gomez is always a party favorite.

She can certainly bring some unity to the house while each element speaks loud and clear.

And then I waffled.  I adore Bunny Williams and Victoria Hagan.

But decided we needed a breath of fresh air.

Sheila Bridges, with her colorful stance, might be just the woman we need.

I'm anxious for a little closure, in fact, I'm counting down the days.

Top three images, The Private House, Rose Tarlow; middle three Mariette Himes Gomez courtesy of her site and the final three Sheila Bridges from her site.