Some of you know that I used to work at a charming antique store in Crestwood.  While I loved the furniture and the zen-like quality of the setting, the real draw was being in proximity to its owner, George Terbovich.

George owned another store right up the row where he carried all sorts of wonderful stuff and worked his design magic in the back.

In a bit of clever reconfiguring, he's moved the design studio around the corner and expanded the original shop to accommodate more wonderful stuff and the antiques.  The result is certainly one of Kansas City's top retail destinations.

The shop is a visual delight.

George and his manager, Connie Beall, have gathered a treasure trove of unique objects, not one of which is a misstep.

And as someone who feels that good design is essential to good living, these things might not be essential, but neither are they superfluous.

They have subtitled the shop, "a lifestyle store" and this is surely the case.  If it's not my lifestyle (there are no Legos or Star Wars figures in sight) it is a lifestyle to which I would aspire.

Wonderful, original textiles.

Beautiful pottery new and old.

And, look, we have something in common.

George has a little crow thing going here.

I knew it wasn't weird to like crows.

As I'd love to have a library table like this, piled with books of a variety of interests, I'm relieved I can enhance my collection from their collection.

George's aesthetic is clean and pure and never overdone.  He hobnobs with fancies and could spend his days jetting around and name-dropping about it, but will more likely tell you about his last weekend in the country and the small snake he saw while weeding.

When I worked for him, I'd live for days on his brief history lessons about the furniture as he would stop in to see how things were going.

He and Connie have expanded the offerings of apparel and handbags.  No names.  No labels.  Not George's style.

It's worth it to take the time to try something on.

Because then you have a chance to pop into the sunny changing rooms.

And admire these absolutely perfect curtains.  

Tick here to read an interview with George that outlines his philosophy much better than I.  Then pop in and take a look for yourself.  Enhance your lifestyle.  Start today.

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