A Happy Life

I look to different magazines to bring me different things.  They are all serving a broad audience, I know, so if each issue doesn't speak to me, that's ok.  I'll wait.  

One of the things I like about Cottage Living is that it's choices are very real.  Personal.  Cottage Living has a very clear voice.  It consistently brings me homes that tell me something about their owners besides the size of their bank accounts or how hip their designers are trying to make them.

I happen to adore D'Ette Cole's home, pictured here and in the October issue, but even if I didn't I would feel I know something about her from seeing it.

That's not just editors finding houses.  That's someone who understands what home should be about.

Cole is an antiques dealer in Austin.  She uses red thumb tacks to post hundreds of fortunes from fortune cookies on a column in her kitchen.  Her favorite? "Very little is needed to make a happy life."  Sometimes, just the turn of the page.