Housewife Meets Contessa

I posted a while ago about my great debt to Ina Garten.  I know my family secretly gets down on their knees and prays that nothing happens to my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.  I'm not a cook, but with Garten's help, I can fix a meal.  Triumph.

Garten has a new cookbook out and she's been getting a good little bit of publicity.  House Beautiful recently featured her "barn" which she built to entertain and to film the show.

As if I weren't already besotted, I spied the Ted Muehling candlesticks on the mantle.  Pea soup green with envy.  (By the way, I can't say these are Creative Candles for sure, but that is what Muehling recommends.  Couldn't pass up the KC connection.)

Garten's Paris flat appears in Town and Country this month as well.

I have admired all her homes for their serene, subtle interiors.  

They are the sort of back drop I always like and think I want, then I end up with walls the colors of M&Ms.

Lucky me, Garten is in Kansas City this week and Mr. Blandings and I are sneaking away in the middle of the day on Thursday to see her.  11 o'clock, Unity Temple on the Plaza.  A very few tickets are still available through Rainy Day Books.

Photographs by Simon Upton courtesy of House Beautiful, November 2008.