Speaking of Dogs

Last month Courtney Barnes and Jennifer Dwyer were featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.  When Courtney posted the image of the cover I thought, "Hey, that's Roxy!"

The small sculpture on the end table is by Tom Corbin, a Kansas City artist.  Corbin lives not far from me and I have the pleasure of running into his lovely wife quite often.  On occasion she has their Standard Poodle, Roxy, with her.  They have a wonderful piece, "Woman Walking," in their garden and Rosie and I admire her on our walks.

I then spied another Corbin piece in Southern Accents November/December issue.  While I've singled out the smaller pieces, much of Corbin's work is quite large, in fact, life sized.

Still, I have a weakness for the smaller works.  The study, Girl with Purse II, is my current crush.  To see more of Corbin's work tick here; he is widely represented throughout the states including Holly Hunt in both Chicago and New York and Jerry Pair in Atlanta.

A bit of trivia, though I have never seen it, I know many of you are fans of the interiors in the film A Perfect Murder.  Apparently one of Corbin's pieces was used in the sets.  That's my kind of "I spy."