Sunday, November 30, 2008

Europa in Crestwood

I have to make a quick plug for Europa Cafe in Crestwood for the hometown crowd.  Europa has been around a while as a cozy lunch spot.  Under new ownership with Chef Nathan Feldmiller at the helm Europa is now open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.  We braved the cold and drizzle Saturday night and were thrilled with the cozy atmosphere and genial staff.  As we dined with some of our dearest friends we all agreed to not to duplicate orders so we could have a taste of four different entrees.  Kobe Beef, Cornish Hen, Berkshire Braised Pork and Moulard Duck Breast were all delish.  Carrot cake and milk chocolate tart for dessert both earned raves as well.  A nice wine list and reasonable price point left us all in agreement that it's a new favorite.  As you are coming and going in the next few weeks treat yourself to dinner here.  Lucky you if Jeremy is your waiter; he's a delight.

Europa Cafe
Crestwood Shops
323 E. 55th


Pigtown-Design said...

Looks like a great little place... Love the handbag!

pve design said...

Sounds like a delightful evening out!
Thanks for sharing!

victoria thorne said...

the photo: such sweet elegance!

linda said...

Love your handbag- I have a similar one from my grandmother, alligator is such a classic!