You're Doing It Wrong

A week or so ago I had a boy on the brink.  His brother had been fawned over and doted upon because of some stupid collarbone thing that could not be that bad as it did not even require anything cool like a cast.  Enough was enough so we took a mental health day.  He got to choose.  Anywhere he wanted.  And he chose the University of Kansas's Natural History Museum which holds all things to ignite a boy's imagination and soothe his soul.  Taxidermy, fossils and live critters all reside under its roof.  Boy heaven.

We had a great time.  No rushing.  His only frustration was my occasional lingering.  Puzzled, he came to see.  "What?"  "Look.  These signs are different; they're much older than the others.  Really look.  Someone hand lettered these signs and drew the pictures themselves.  No computer.  No font style.  No laser printer."

He's an artist by nature so it did give him pause.  "Mom.  We're supposed to be looking at the snakes."