Baby It's Cold Outside

When I left the house this morning my car thermometer read four degrees.  Four.  Four degrees.  I really did not want to leave the house but kept telling myself things would get better if I would just go.  Things were fine, but it was excruciatingly cold.

All the while I was gone I kept thinking how much better it would be to be home.  Reading.  With a cup of tea.  The only problem being that I would likely read in bed, where it's warmest, but I always fall asleep when I read in bed during the day.

Seems there would be nothing better than a cozy nook.  I've always been enamored of these sofas-surrounded-by-bookcases-with-swing-arm-lights.  A little womb within a room without the feeling of sloth that comes from actually returning to your bed.

A cave, if you will, to hibernate if you are unable to migrate.  Fortunately it's the Midwest.  40 by Friday.  I'll do my shopping then.

Image, top, design by Alex Papachristidis, Elle Decor Jan./Feb. 2009, photography by Henry Bourne.  Second room also by Papachristidis, Elle Decor Nov. 2007.  Third image, design by Kenneth Brown, Western Interiors Dec. 2008, photography by Dominique Vorillon.  Final image, Thomas Britt, his own Long Island home, Architectural Digest.

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