Crown Jewel

You might have seen this image in either Vogue in 2003 or Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People published last year.  It is the home of artists Elliott Puckette and Hugo Guinness.

The prints are Guinness's own work and they popped up on Vogue's gift guide this year.  I've had a crush on them for a while; my black and white art fetish is the source of teasing between me and the elder Mr. Blandings whose tastes run to stately oil landscapes.

I had visited some of Guinness's pieces at John Derian's while in New York.  The dogs are charming, but I am mostly drawn to the floral silhouettes.

Imagine my delight upon drifting into George in Crestwood to find two walls filled with Guinness's pieces.  Doubly happy to find them encased in vintage frames.

Please do remember your independent retailers this season.  Kansas City is home to some wonderful shops.  George in particular has a level of sophistication to rival the best in any city.

Refine your taste.  Educate your palette.  Determine what you like, not what some corporate marketing department wants to sell you.
Imagine what your home would be, what your life would be, if your things were not there to just fill space, were not there to impress, were maybe not even particularly just right, but brought you joy each and every time you brushed by them.

Imagine what your home would be if you applied the same unerring taste that George Terbovich and Connie Beall apply to this shop.

The insets in the hand painted ceiling are large, color copies that have been applied with a temporary adhesive.  A perfect nod to the holidays.  You could do it yourself.  If you like it.

I do.

Photography from Vogue Francois Halard.  Many thanks to my friend Mandy who reminded me of the image.