What I Did Over Christmas Vacation

Just as the ribbon and wrapping were cleared, just as the house began to absorb all the new stuff, I turned to Mr. Blandings and said, "I think we need to flip the office."  Sofa to this end, desk to the other.  No more looking into my piles and stacks upon entering the house.

Actually, I wasn't sure, but a very savvy guy had suggested it and wanted to give it a try.  

Mr. Blandings is used to this sort of thing and he knew that I would do most of the lifting and toting myself.

But the desk is very, very heavy.  I simply couldn't move it on my own.  So he help even though it was not his priority over his few days off over the holidays.  Well.  Then, of course, there was the sorting out of the cords and connections and hook-ups and ports.  Bother.

And why the shift?  The elder Mr. Blandings dropped these prints by just before Thanksgiving.  They had hung in his sitting room at college and had been out of use for quite a while.

We'd visited them a couple of time over the last ten years or so.  We'd amble in and admire them.  He'd ask me if I wanted them.  I'd gush.  He'd nod.  Then the click of the light and the close of the door would tell me, "No.  Not yet."

And then with no fanfare he dropped by on a very cold day and said, "Didn't you want these?"  Indeed.  So now, what is in the planning stages is a gallery wall.  Maybe not so grand as what you will find here, but a collection of stuff personal and dear.

Somewhere, oh, somewhere, there is an vintage image of birds decoupaged on a wall that was the premise of today's post.  Somewhere.  Hopefully I'll find it today and we will be back on track.  The boys are still(!) out of school and indifferent to my lapse in posting.