Chairs Apparent

I'm going through my issues of the last year and a half of House and Garden.  I keep swearing I'm going to edit them one more time then recycle.  But I'm having a hard time letting go.  After running across an image of a Gio Ponti black ceramic pitcher, searching on line and becoming discouraged, I thought, "I bet I can find one at the antique mall."  I didn't.  But, there were other treasures.  The marble table above is still bouncing around in my head.  $165.

This makes you have to turn your head a bit, doesn't it?  These darling girls have been mistreated.  You could give the two of them a loving home for $168.  There's a table that's part of the deal that has no relation to the chairs, but maybe they've been together and don't want to be parted.

Three of these at $55/each.  A quick spray on a good day and you can enjoy them all spring.

This guy has great stuff.  Really great stuff, but he has figured it out and has these battery jars at $42 each.  Still, great inspiration.

Four.  I'd probably paint them white and put some really punchy fabric on that seat.

Hmmm?  Oh, yes, I know, $180 for four.  A total bargain.

Two of the enameled bowls which keep drawing my attention.  These are really cobalt blue so I didn't need them.  I do think they were $15-ish.

And then this, in a case, right before carpool with no time to get a key.  Clearly, not Ponti, but something good?  That chalky black finish gets me every time.  

Get out there.  Not everything comes right to your door with free shipping.

All pieces River Market Antique Mall, 115 W. 5th Street.