NYGF Brights

Yep, Mr. Adler, the king of pop himself.  I have always loved his lacquer and these octagonal trays are on my hit parade.

But my favorite product from his booth was the place card holders.  Forgive the quality of the image, but I thought you needed to see the clever display.  Hope he has two more designs in production.

I'm mad about the finish.

I have a handy card case like this one and it has lighten my load.  The color combinations from mywalit are fresh and cheery.

Show off a little national pride with their coin cases and covers.

Colorful glasses cases mean never hunting through the abyss of your bag again.

Again, my images are not so clear, so do visit Megan Auman's blog to see better pictures of her terrific powder coated creations.

Wall panels, cubes, storage and lighting all of this creative cut out design were particularly appealing.  The pendant lighting looks terrific in singles or in groups.

It was love at first sight with the dashing creations from Play Sam.

And if you think I was thinking of the boys, I was not.  I'd like to create a little cityscape right here on my desk.  Wouldn't these be charming gifts for grown-ups, too?  A taxi for your friend moving to the big city?  A rocket for your co-worker starting a new endeavor?  A sailboat for your sister who is peacefully drifting?

Present Time lured me in with their bright colors as well.

These banks are terrific.  I think I need the duck on my kitchen counter.  Every day I could drop in my saved coffee money for my next trip to New York.