At Home

This is the room where I crept and studied, brushing silk and running my hand behind the beaded passamenterie of the curtains while Bruce and I talked and he rummaged through books. 

 This is where designer Bruce Burstert lives and works and while it is tidy and photo ready here, it had more of the creative jumble that you see on the pages of World of Interiors when I was there.

Across the front hall is the music room.  Bruce took his inspiration for the curtains from Albert Hadley's sitting room for Mrs. John Hay Whitney.

He needed fifteen mercury glass tie-backs to complete the project.

"That," he says, "was not a cheap date."

The color of the walls is nothing short of magic.  Bruce mixed and applied the chrome green glaze himself.

You can see that the entire project was a labor of love, and project it was.  The house was built in 1838 and is the oldest frame house in the county.  

Bruce's careful renovation and his love of Missouri and Midwest furniture have restored its luster.

I love a little home grown talent.  Pictures of the shop tomorrow.

All images courtesy of Kansas City Home Design; photography by Bob Greenspan.