I Have the Blues

You might remember that a while back I had a wonderful evening in the home of a very chic woman-about-town.

I had my camera with me (I almost always do) and I longed to snap her home right then and there, but my editor at Spaces beat me to the punch.

So, I waited.  Fortunately, not long, as this month's issue features Dee Dee Arnold's captivating condo.

I was besotted, of course, because the space is so distinctly personal.  While there Dee Dee gave us the full tour and each piece has a little story.

Do not ask me for the paint color.  To begin, it's custom, and further it's been translated twice, first by the camera and then by your screen.  But, yes, it is divine.

Dee Dee is dear friends with my former employer, designer George Terbovich.  He is directly responsible for the paint color, inspired by Madeleine Castaing, and the black moldings.

And maybe a thing or two here and there, but the beauty of George's work is that, when complete, it looks like its owner and not its designer.

Many of Arnold's pieces were inherited from her family and some has been acquired here and there about town.  

If you are thinking "dramatic" or "stunning" or "bright," well, yes, it's all those things.

Just like Dee Dee.