NYGF Robshaw

John Robshaw is dreamy.  If you want to think I'm referring to his bedding and rugs and furniture and journals, you may.

The journals are a fun addition to the line.  This way you can carry around a little bit of hand blocked heaven every where you go.  Blue Stars, the turquoise with white, is a personal favorite.

Regardless of the prediction that this is the year of yellow, I did not see a preponderance of offerings in this color.  Robshaw's Fern pattern offers a great way to work yellow into your color scheme with a white background and bright green leaves with yellow flowers.  The Maharani bolster, above, is a similar scheme.

The new Lucknow pillows are a great combination of color and pattern.

But this red quilt completely captured my heart.  

Is there nothing better than a jumble of pattern?  I say no.

But if you don't care to live your life in a riot of hues, these metallics certainly offer a way to enjoy Robshaw's designs with a neutral sensibility.