When I posted Dee Dee Arnold's apartment recently a few folks asked if I could get my mitts on any more images of George Terbovich's work.  Unlikely, I thought, until my editor from Spaces reminded me that they had run another of George's projects in their June/July 2006 issue.

A little surreal, isn't it?  I know, I've been off for a few days and you are thinking that I am a bit confused, but no.  Same George.

And the thing is, neither of these homes typifies his look.  I've seen three others besides these two that Spaces has published and they are completely distinct.

There are some similarities.  An intense focus on detail.  A commitment to wait for the right piece.  Truly, perfect pitch.  Each time.

There is the unobtrusive mix of old and new.  

A dedication to revealing the voice of the owner, not the decorator.

OK, I'm gushing.

I see these images and wonder what George would think of my jumble of color and hand-me-downs and nonsense.

I do know he wouldn't come in and wave his arm and say, "White!  It needs to be all white!" Because that isn't me and he isn't interested in inflicting his taste on anyone.

But we should be so lucky.

All photos courtesy of Spaces; photography by Landon Collis.