More Still

You know, I thought I was finished, too. I thought I'd had my little run with style icons and their affinity for needlepoint. (You're kidding, she's still on this?) I know. But. As I have been stalking the mail slot - my big city friend has had his Elle Decor for over a week - Vogue arrived and offered additional evidence that stitching is bewitching.

Polly Mellen, a fashion editor at Vogue for 28 (!) years with an additional eight years as creative director at Allure is interviewed in the current issue of Vogue by the equally beguiling Marina Rust.
Mellen exclaims, "I am a big needlepointer." I must agree. She stitched the plaid rug, above, in small squares while biding her time at shoots and shows.

She has a large collection of pillows that she has made based on artists she admires and pieces of her mother's as well. Rust writes, "in the 1950's her mother, Leslie Smith Allen, won first price in the world needlepoint exhibition." Says Mellen, "I miss her, and I will always miss her."

How I do hope I'm in the garden, serving strawberries, wearing red, talking needlepoint with my granddaughter someday.

Images, Vogue, April, 2009. Photography by Eric Boman.