"Off With Her Head!"

So could have proclaimed Lucy, a reader with a keen eye, who gave me the heads-up that the pillow used in the Bazaar shoot is available to any and all without toil.  But she didn't, she just sent me the link.  Simply click here (and pay) and Jonathan Adler would be delighted to send one of these beauties right to your door.

Or this.  Or both!

I will tell you that Adler's bargello pillows were one of my favorites from the New York Gift Fair in January.

Bright, cheerful, loaded with color and well-executed they would give a pop of color to brighten up any room looking a little down in the heels.

And I know that Katie has already told you, but Adler is giving away the store.  Sort of.  Sign up for his email list and you are entered in a sweepstakes.  You'll receive the happy thrill of Adler's updates and a chance to win prizes including a JA $2000 gift card.  That would be happy chic, indeed.

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