Regrets, I've Had a Few

Let's be frank, we've all passed on a few things that still haunt us.  I'm a bit sick that I did not grab this table and hoist it onto my shoulder and carry it down the stairs at the River Market Antique Mall the minute I saw it.  No, instead, I thought about it.  Posted about it.  Then, returned, to find we were not meant to be.  I've gone back to the spot just to reminisce.

While there, I've stood, weight on my right leg, left hip slightly jutting out, arms crossed, head cocked slightly to the side to consider these chairs.  I wanted them, but did I need them?  Yes, that is what I wondered until I went this week and now they, too, are gone.  Rats!

I was there to pick up at least one of these enameled silver pieces that have been there for weeks and weeks and, guess what?  Gone.  What the heck?  Will I never learn?

The basalt bowl is still there, but I didn't get it.  Just not sure.  I might pick it up the next time.