Rooms to Inspire in the Country

Blogging is funny sport.  Sometimes I have a plan.  Sometimes I have a plan for the whole week and I scan and download and save.  And, sometimes, it's a jumbly mess and it comes or it doesn't and well, you get what you get.

I'm not implying the planning is better; it just sometimes happens.

When I fell hopelessly and madly in love with Bruce Burstert's work I wanted to lay it all out within one week so it would be uninterrupted.  

And then yesterday, arriving home from carpool, the boys spied the envelope sandwiched between the door and the storm.  "Hooray!" from one and groans from the others as they all assumed the youngest's birthday bounty continued.

But no.  It was for me.  A peek inside the up-coming release of Rooms to Inspire in the Country by Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter.  It may seem like I buy design books willy-nilly, but I do not.  I have to see that we will develop a long term relationship, that I will return again and again to the pages.  It was a happy coincidence that I had recently been inspired by Bruce's country house.  He would be quite at home here in this new book and I think you would, too.  

The subtitle of the book is "The Infinite Possibilities of American House Design."  Indeed. Think I've given it all away?  Not even close.  Plan ahead and reserve a copy today.

Images from top, which is also the cover, the Connecticut home of Dana and Fritz Rohn, Juan Montoya in the Hudson River Valley, Michael Trapp in Connecticut, Henry Davis Sleeper in Massachusetts, Kelly and Street-Porter in Connecticut and Steven Gambrel in Sag Harbor.