Seeking Professional Help

I had posted in January that change was afoot.  The elder Mr. Blandings had made me the generous gift of three prints that had hung in his sitting room at college.  (In addition to these I also have the hand monogrammed linen hand towels that his mother packed into his trunk.  It was another era.)

I had tried to lay out a gallery wall myself but it all seemed a jumble, so I brought in help.  Richard Hamilton is an art consultant; he can help build or define a collection, authenticate pieces and provide expertise on framing and conservation.  He's also terrific with placement and worked his magic here.

He also suggested "flipping" the room which has turned out to be a great idea.  After that, the wall over the sofa provided a better space for the art.  Richard started by asking me a long list of questions including which pieces were personal, which ones would I want nearest to me and, were there any other items that might be floundering around the house that could be added to the wall.

Over the last year and a half, Patricia von Essche has forwarded the wonderful art work she has done for Mrs. Blandings.  They had waited, patiently, unframed for just the right spot.  Richard suggested finding old frames, dings and nicks preferred, for these pieces.  

I treasure these pieces and found his advice to be spot on.  He hung them right by my desk so I have the joy of looking at them all day long.  

The project has changed so many aspects of the house.  The view from the entry is richer and more detailed.  

I just couldn't be more pleased.  This was an excellent exercise in re-purposing with focus that provided results in spades.