En Pointe

I have the oddest bug.  It's sort of up and down, better then woozy.  Yesterday I made a lot of progress on the Churchill biography but Monday night it was too heavy.  In every way.  Fortunately, my Elle Decor arrived so even through the fog I could take in the pretty pictures.  The one above reminded me of the toe shoe reference from yesterday.  Maybe that is where my love affair with ribbon began.

Which then reminded me of this one, another favorite.  The graphic criss-cross is fantastic, but the break of her skirt?  That's the kind of thing I would remember even in a fevery stupor. 

Both images are rooms by Vicente Wolf.  The first is by the designer himself from the May 2009 issue of Elle Decor.  The other image, from Learning to See, is by Peter Estersohn.