Monday, April 13, 2009

Justice for All

One of the great pleasures of writing for Spaces is the wonderful and creative people I have met who also contribute to the magazine.  I've mentioned my patient coach and editor, Zim Loy and the amazingly talented David Jimenez.  Another writer, chic and sharp Merrily Jackson, writes a column every issue on entertaining.  Merrily has style in spades and each month she contacts the man she calls "my illustrator" to create the artwork for her column.

Brian Justice is a very talented local artist who also happens to be a heck of nice guy.  Brian creates engaging portraits of pets, people and homes, but he aims higher than just to create a replica of your loved one or abode.
"In my paintings, I really want to do more than just show what someone or something looks like."

"I want people to think, 'I know how it feels to be there.'"

Brian specializes in portraits that are 5" x 5".  This is a perfect size for wall or tabletop.

I really cannot imagine a better treat for Mother's Day or Father's Day, be it for Mom, Dad or the doting grandparents who have everything.

Brian's pieces are quite reasonable.  House portraits are $150, pets $175 and people are $250; prices include framing.

To see more examples of his work and to contact Brian, click here.  You'll be so glad you did.


maison21 said...

cute, and quite a deal!

pve design said...

Now that is what I call "doing Justice" to artwork to honor those that are there, and catch them as if you were there.
Nice work to go with words. Your words, of course.

Debra said...

Wonderful work. I love the small size- just right for any spot. Off to check out his site.

Style Court said...

The house portraits are especially charming. I love the concept of the very small paintings. You are right, perfect gift idea.

home before dark said...

Perhaps justice should be done for Bo Obama. I love the fact the portie comes already dressed in a tux. I can only imagine what Mr. Justice could do to bring on the love for the first dog. A poster for the humane society?

Karena said...

I so admire portrait artists. Brian is very talented and I love the 5 x 5 size. Isn't Merrily great! I enjoyed talking to her at Lee's art opening at the Greenlease Gallery.