One for You, Three for Me

Last year I put together a collection of vintage design books for the Dining by Design silent auction.  This year I did not have as much luck on the hunt.  I've been haunting Spivey's, Prospero's and the antique malls but nothing really great has jumped out at me.  For the auction.  I did pick up the Calder book, Dorothy Roger's The House in My Head and Decoration for myself.  I know.  This seems mean spirited, but my library needs a little love, too.

Then, today, I asked.  I asked the nice man behind the desk at Spivey's if there just might be something that wasn't out.  "I just took Billy Baldwin Decorates up there yesterday."  "Really, I didn't see it." Back up.  A few minutes later he appeared with the holy grail.  "Oh, it needed a jacket cover; I still had it downstairs."  Do look for it at the event; it comes with a Blandings bonus.  I'm still on the hunt for a dress.

By the way, Decoration, a 1963 publication work by French & European Publications, Inc., is one of the most engaging and comprehensive books on interiors that I have run across.  I'd love to know if you have it in your library.  It was originally recommended to me by Kansas City designer Kathy Kelly.  I'm incredibly grateful that she shared her knowledge.