She:  We need to call the critter guys.

He:   Honey, don't start this again.

She:  No, really, there is something in the attic.

He:   No, really, there is not anything in the attic as the critter guy told us last spring.

She:  I can hear it.  Them.  Whatever.

He:   The guy told us last year, when you were hearing things in the attic, there is nothing there.  It's bats and they are on the outside of the house.  Under the gutter.

She:  I can hear them scampering.  In the attic.

He:   You know what's funny about you?

She:  Hmmmm?

He:   You don't know anything about critters.  Nothing.  This guy has a wildlife degree from a reputable university.  He's been ridding our house and yard of creatures for over five years and has been in business a good deal longer.  And yet you still think you know more than he does.

So I let it go.  Until I lay in bed from 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.  Listening.  I now agree that it may be possible that it's bats on the outside of the house.  Which completely convinced me that we need to call the critter guy.