Fools Rush In

My latest Spaces article is about vintage wicker so it has been on my mind.  

Ok, so maybe it's not so comfy, but it does have that casual summer air that is perpetually charming.  And that creaky, crunchy sound of settling into a wicker chair is one that is always on the tip of your brain.

Of all the styles, this one, with the big diamond weave, is my favorite.

In black, of course.

Images, from top, Hernan Arriaga for Rita Noona Schrager, Elle Decor, June 2009, photographed by William Waldron, a sketch by Albert Hadley featured in Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer, Bunny Williams, her own home, from An Affair with a House and Colleen Bashaw for Congress Hall, House & Garden, August 2003, photography by Roger Davies.