Goddess Revealed

I received my sculpture from Bill LaCivita last week.  The dim UPS man left it in its cardboard box in the middle of the front step in a driving rain storm.  I picked it up like an abandoned newborn and set it gently on the floor of the front hall.

Fortunately she was well-packed and quite safe and dry.  She brushed aside my fussing, a no-nonsense gal I could tell right away.  I've tried her out a few different places.  I liked her a lot in the front hall, but she was nervous, and I think she was right, that the boys and basketballs and lacrosse sticks that make their way through there would be perilous.

I seem to be making the office my nest and I like the idea of being able to see her every day while I'm working.  Bill had originally thought he would send me a piece that he had already completed, but decided instead to create a new one.  A goddess.  How could he have possibly known how much I love turquoise?  I might call her Deborah as an allusion to her Mitford eyes.