Queen B

"I can't believe you are letting her do that."

"Hmmm...?  What?"

"Rosie.  I can't believe you are letting her sit up there."

"Oh.  Well, I know.  But before I moved my desk she used to sleep on the sofa when I was in here working.  After the change she started sleeping in the kitchen.  I tried moving her bed into the office, but she would have none of it.  I missed her.  So when she hopped up there last week I was just so happy to have her back I let her stay.  I mean, she's so smart to have discovered it; she can see everything from there."

"She's so smart she completely locked up and was terrified of those flowers on our walk last night."

"Honey, those were iris.  Iris can be scary."

"You and that dog."