Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gardens by Design

If you are in town this weekend be sure to hit DIFFA's Gardens by Design.  If there is one area where I desperately need inspiration it's the garden.  (I have a problem with outside, remember?)  The hook for me was the "Gatsby Garden Affair" Friday night; Mr. B and I will be there right after I bob my hair.  

Event and ticket information at DIFFA here; more info and featured garden pics here.


wild thyme flowers for modern romantics said...

I love that poster !
I too, Mrs Blandings am looking
for inspiration in the garden. One of my first posts covered that very topic.
Have a lovely evening.

Martha said...

Oh, Mrs. B., how I wish I could go but Linderhof's gardens beckons -- we're on tour the following weekend.
(At times like this I wish I had a gardener!)

Style Redux 2 said...

I am a new reader and missed why you have a problem with outside.

mary said...

Isn't the poster one of Redoute's roses? I love my roses--the thought of filling the house with fresh cut, old-fashioned fragrant roses always pulls me to the garden. (It used to be a great way to hide from my children, too)

VictoriaArt said...

I love that classic poster, good enough to frame...!
Enjoy your evening, bob and all!

Karena said...

Beautiful image. Your hair would be perfect in a bob! My mandevilla's and clematis are vining like crazy, and now the wire plant stands with geraniums, ivy, and spikey things are looking good.

Renae said...

I have the I need to make my garden fabulous!

Sanity Fair said...

BEAUTIFUL gardens. Have fun :)