Me and Mrs. Jones

With the recent demise of the esteemed blog House of Beauty and Culture I had to pause and consider why its author would cease to find joy in something that was offering so much of that elusive stuff to me.  

And like all kinds of loss it made me stop and wonder when the day would come when I would pull the plug.  Honestly, it's hard to imagine blogging indefinitely.  Hmmm..."Well, I've been blogging for twenty-eight years and..."  No.  Unlikely.

And as a great over-thinker I had to wander the path of, "Why in the heck am I doing this anyway?"

For me the answer remains the same as the day I started almost two years ago.  The exchange.  The conversation.  The connection.

Often the connection takes place with another blogger, but it happens, too, to sometimes flourish with a reader.  You exchange a few emails, you get to know each other a little better.  You might even fill in some of the more personal details.

And then one day her house appears in a local magazine and you marvel at her mix and unbelievable color sense.  And you just want to email her the password and say, "Your turn."

You can read the article from the May/June 2009 issue of Kansas City Home Design here.  Photography by Landon Collis.