Mrs. Blandings Goes to Elle Decor

Ok, so I did this thing that I haven't mentioned.  I wrote an article.  I can't pretend in the least to be all, "Oh, what?  That?  That national magazine article?  It was nothing."

No, not nothing.  Really something.  Besides the birth of my children the most exciting thing that has happened to me.  But I didn't mention it earlier because with every email from the Elle Decor staff I braced myself for the message saying, "Thank you so much for your submission.  While we appreciate your enthusiasm for the subject, the article is nothing short of a dog's dinner.  We have, however, retained it for our files in case we need a chuckle."

Fortunately, that was never the case.  Everyone was wonderful.  A heartfelt thanks to (in order of appearance) Margaret Russell, Mitch Owens, Brandon Pace, Kamala Nair, Michael Boodro, Dickson Wong, Cheminne Taylor-Smith, all of Elle Decor, for their help and hand-holding.  Thanks, too, to the antique dealers, shop owners, chefs and friends who took the time to tell me what they love about Kansas City.

In the July/August issue.  On news stands soon.